Friday, July 1, 2011

Lucky's Room Final Budget Breakdown

Has it really been 2 months since I updated the budget for Lucky's room in this post?  I'm not going to lie.  I'm a little nervous.  Here goes:

As of the last update, we had a $520 for Lucky's room and we were starting with a twin mattress, a brown chair and some accessories.  I also added $20 to the budget when I sold our old puppet theater and made a new one.  And in our garage sale, we sold the bedding set that had been in Lucky's room for $18, so our new operating budget is $558.  Ummm....still worried, especially since we added on a little closet organization project that cost about $25 in the middle of the project.

1. Twin Bed Frame: $10 Craigslist

2. Twin Box Spring: $50 Brand New in sealed plastic bag from Craigslist (Bill was removing the plastic when I took this picture...see his shoe:) He's hiding from the camera):

3. Twin Headboard/Bed: $29 Made with canvas frame, batting and fabric

4. New Bedding (Comforter, sheets, bed skirt): $90 in bedding and $15 bedskirt = $105

5. Night Stand: $10.80 Goodwill

6. Another Lamp: FREE (found in old nursery)
7. A furniture piece for toy and book storage: $50 Craigslist buffet

8. Another furniture piece just for fun: $119.20 Window Seat and Cushion

9. A desk chair for her desk built-in: $10.50 in Fabric, Chair FREE

10. Wall Art:
Embroidery Hoop Wall Art: $12.58

Photo Hanger from Pier 1: $8

Photo Wall Art: $19.22

Embroidered Prayer Wall Art: FREE

11. Accessories:
                       Tray on night stand $12 at TJ Maxx
                       Orange picture frame by bed $6 Walmart
                       Brown Round Throw Pillow on Bed $10 clearance at TJ Maxx
                       Pink Desk Bulletin Boards $3 each x 3 with coupons Michael's =$9
                       Mushrooms from Gordman's on desk = $3 with coupon
                       White Faux Sheepskin Rug from IKEA on brown chair = $12.99
                       Wrapping Paper and Knobs for Buffet = $17
                       RicRac for lamp and curtains: $9
                       'L' Wall Hook: $2
                       Hat Holder $1

12. A bigger rug $70 Marshall's

13. Curtain hooks: $10 Walmart

14. (Added Later) Closet Clean Up: $23.81

Total Spent:

Okay, so I'm about 10% over budget, but I still feel like we got a lot of bang for our buck.  Especially if you consider that a brand new bed or dresser could cost $600 alone.  I love all the personal touches we were able to add.  And seriously, the exact total turned into a date = 6.10.11, our 5 year wedding anniversary.  That made me smile!  Lucky loves her new room and that makes me smile even more!!


  1. When we buy a new house, I would like for you to come and decorate. Thank you :)