Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Seeing Stars...

...stripes and dots too!  Here are a few inexpensive updates for our family room for our red, white and blue 'Color of the Month' theme this month.  We used the following items to create three festive additions to the room:

1. Red Star Banner:

Lucky and I used a piece of red poster board, a star template and twine to make a banner for above our fireplace.  

It cost 56 cents because the only thing we had to buy was the red poster board. 

2. Picture Frame Art:

I picked up a $1.99 Frame from Goodwill and used a piece of on hand poster board to create a mat for the frame:

Next, I wrapped the home made mat with wrapping paper from the dollar bin at Target:

Finally, I added a $0.38 5" x 7" photo printed at Sam's Club:

Total cost: $3.38.

3. Lamp Update:

We placed a few flags that we already had on hand into our 
glass lamp base for another punch of R, W and B!

Along with my red octopus, we're well on our way to a festive family room for July.  (Now, if I had tackled these projects in June, we might have had the room ready to go by the 4th of July.  I guess there's always next year!)

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