Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Happy Very Belated Fourth of July!

Our Red, White and Blue family room was finally pulled together last week and here is the photo shoot:

I used the wrapping paper from this post to recover Wilbur the bird's book perch.

I pulled out red, white and blue books from my ever-growing book collection.

Here is the cost breakdown for the month:
Picture frame: $3.38
Star Banner: $0.56 for red poster board
Octopus Pillow: $12
Red Marker Buckets: $1 for 2 from Target Dollar Bin Area (on sale)
Red Tin Star: $3 clearance from Kohl's with a coupon
Blue and White Throw Blanket (rolled in basket): $6.24 Target Clearance

Grand Total: Under $27 for a very festive family room!  I'm all set for next year, and hopefully, the room will actually be decorated by the 4th of July!!

Click on the 'Color of the Month' link below this post to see what colors we've used in our family room over the last few months.  And as for August, here's a hint.  We're going to use a color that is sure to make one Lucky girl very, very happy:).  Guess away!

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