Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Oil Drip Pan Chalkboards!

As if this house didn't have enough chalkboards already:

I made a couple more using these oil drip pans that I picked up at Walmart for $10 each.  I wanted these particular chalkboards to also be magnetic, hence the use of the drip pan.

I spray primed the drip pans with gray primer, and then used the latex chalkboard paint that I had on hand from Charm's chalkboard desk project.  I taped a border around the edge of the drip pan so it would create a 'frame' of sorts.  I hung the boards/pans using 3M Command Strips (4 medium sized ones did the trick).  Here is the finished result:

Now, we have a nice learning center for the kids in the basement, right next to my crafting corner.  Lucky works on spelling words using magnetic letters and chalk, while Charm works on his food groups and identifying each letter.

When the chalkboard paint is on the drip pan, it's difficult to see the 'Auto Trend Products' imprint in the metal, although as seen below, chalk will bring it out again.  It's high enough up on the board, that I'm really not concerned about it getting in the way.  

Also, if you are interested in recreating this project try to find the straightest drip pan that you can.  I purchased our drip pans on two separate occasions.  I bought one to start because I honestly didn't know if it would fit on the left side of our exercise room door (A measurement before heading to Walmart would have been useful:)).  I had 4 pans to choose from, and I made sure I got a 'good one'.  I went back to Walmart a couple weeks later once I was ready to start painting, and there was only one drip pan left.  It was sort of bent and dirty.  I bought it anyway, because ever since January, I've been very anti-running to a million different stores to get the one thing I want.  I figure if one location doesn't have what I need, it's not meant to be.  In this case, I really wanted to get started on the project and there was one left, so I bought the wonky one.  I wish I would have waited.  It is flat enough, but when you write on it with chalk, it sort of bends in a little.  I may add a few more Command strips to solve the problem, but I do wish I would have just purchased a nice flat drip pan.  Lesson learned.  Sort of.  (I still saved myself a trip to another Walmart:)).

Cost Breakdown:
2 Oil Drip Pans $20
Spray primer already owned
Chalkboard paint already owned

Total Project Cost: $20 for 2 big ol' chalk/magnet boards

What do you think?  Has anyone else been putting chalkboard paint on EVERYTHING:)?

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  1. i love all the chalkboards! i never tire of them!

    1. Thanks Cassie! I still have chalkboard paint left, so I know there will be more in my future:)!

  2. You're a chalkboard diva after my own heart! Love every single thing you did!

    We must be chalk twins because I just bought 3 old clipboards at the thrift shop and was going to chalk paint them!!

    Great idea with the drip pans - love the huge scale of them!

    Yes, I'm pinning this too!

    Wondering if you considered adding Linky Followers? I can't follow thru GFC anymore (wordpress). Thanks!

    1. Thanks again Kelly:). I would love to add Linky Followers. I will have to learn how. Chalkboard paint and I are like PB&J. Computers and I are like oil and water. I keep telling myself that someday I'll make my blog fancier, but then I usually grab a paint brush and start a new project instead:).

  3. Very cute & functional! How did you hang them on the wall?

    1. Sorry for the very delayed response:)! They are hung using 3M Command Strips!

  4. just came across this idea and think it is really the best thing I have seen in a long time. love the fact that it can be attached anywhere and the little ones get use all those magnetic items we bought them.

    adding the chalk to it, is the icing on the cake.

    BUT it seems that they are really HUGE looking at them hanging there, but the ones I am seeting on line don't appear to be that BIG....can't believe that walmart would be the ONLY place to carry these items...

    can you give the measurements of YOUR oil pans....easier to figure out if I am looking at the correct thing that way.



    1. They are pretty big...25" x 47" or roughly 2 feet by 4 feet. Here's one on Amazon, but it's expensive compared to Walmart: Here is the Walmart link:

      Perhaps you could try a local car part store if you don't live by a Walmart?

      Good Luck!

  5. Love the idea. Just wondering do you have to do the primer?

  6. Love the idea and wondering how you made it both a chalkboard and magnetic? Do you literally paint it with magnetic paint and then paint the chalkboard paint over it?

  7. The pan is aluminum, just paint with chalkboard or dry erase paint.