Thursday, April 5, 2012

Homemade Canvas Photos

Would you believe that the big canvas images of Lucky and Charm seen here:

Were really made using these supplies?:

One 20" x 30" photograph printed at Sam's Club for just under $9 x 2
One 20" x 20" canvas from Michael's (on sale and combined with an additional coupon making them about $6.50 each) x 2
Scotch Poster Putty (less than $2 at Target)
Scissors, Pen and Yard Stick

Total Cost: About $30 total for both 20" x 20" Canvas Images

I just cut the images to size and attached them to the canvas using the putty.  So far, it's holding up great.  I was initially planning to modge podge them to the canvases (or canvi?  What is the plural of canvas anyway?), but I have a love hate relationship with modge podge.  Mostly it's a hate relationship because the stuff is so messy and sticky, and I wasn't feeling modge podgey on the day I decided to tackle the project.  I'll update this post if they fall down with the putty, but they have been up for a good week now.  I also figure if I want to switch the pictures out down the road, it will be super easy to pull a change up.  Another tweak that I may make down the road it to add ribbon to the sides of the canvas pictures or even paint them, but for now I like the simple look of white.

Has anyone else tried making a DIY photo canvas?


  1. Very cute and I could do this! Thanks for the idea-found you on Pinterest.

    1. Thanks!! Yeah, this is an easy project. If you can operate a scissors, you can make these:)!

  2. Love the super cute and thrifty idea! I'm thinking this could be a fun Mother's Day gift. But I have a love/hate relationship with modge podge too and doing an area this big would be a tantrum waiting to happen for me. So how did you apply the putty? On the main area or just the sides of the canvas?


    1. Putty location is a super question that I should have included in the post:). I used 1 small putty ball (like the size of a pencil eraser...maybe a little smaller so it would flatten out nicely.) in each corner of the canvas and then in the middle of each side as well. There ended up being 8 small putty balls on each canvas that were all smushed nice and flat. (To make a putty ball...just rip off a small piece of putty and roll it into a ball a la play doh!) And good news, you'll end up with lots of putty leftovers to use on future putty projects:)!

      (I didn't put any putty in the middle of the canvas, just around the sides, although you could probably do that too...I just didn't want fingerprints on the center of the picture.)

      Finally, if you are doing black and white images, you may want to consider having them printed on normal paper (not photo paper) at Staples and Kinko's. I forgot about doing would have made each image about $3-4 instead of $9 each.

      Thanks for the interest and good luck!!