Friday, April 6, 2012

Fun Craft Jars on the Cheap!

I wish I could find the link to the image that inspired me to super glue small Target $1 bin animals to the tops of several old spaghetti sauce, salsa and apple sauce jars last fall.  I spray painted each of them a different color right before winter and when the snow melted this spring, we could still see a rainbow of colors in our front yard from this project.  It was a spring rainbow surprise and made me smile.

I don't have any actual before pictures of the project, so this will have to do:

And after:

Cost: $1 for a pack of plastic animals from Target dollar bin
Free jars from food we ate
Free spray paint leftovers

Total Cost: 100 pennies for a set of fun jars AND a spring rainbow!

P.S. I stayed up late several nights this week reading the Hunger Games trilogy.  I finished Mockingjay at 2 a.m. last night.  I just couldn't put it down.  I didn't do much 'projecting' this week as a result.  All I did was read the book/s and tell my husband to start reading the books so we could talk about what happened.  Anywho, I'm thinking next week may be my Easter Blog Break.  We'll see.  My sister is coming to town with her little girl, so maybe we'll go thrifting or Easter crafting and then I'll write about it.  I never know what will happen when Crazy Kiki rolls in to town:)!  Regardless, have a wonderful Easter weekend everyone!!


  1. i love these! i have this idea pinned to do at some point but have yet to get to it! and i LOVED the hunger games! we are finally going to see it next weekend!

    1. Bill and I saw The Hunger Games last good. I hope you enjoy it, too!!