Monday, April 16, 2012

Another Dollhouse Room Done-ish!

Before we started to work on Lucky's dollhouse last November, Lucky and I had a little brainstorming session to decide what purpose each of the rooms would serve.  The first room we tackled was a shared bedroom for Lucky and Charm (per Lucky's request).  She wanted bunk beds, and this is what we came up with:

I originally posted about it here.  We added the rocking chair that I picked up at a craft sale for fifty cents.  The pink floor lamp we had in the dollhouse already.  We decided that it was time to complete another room, and the large room at the very top of the dollhouse was next on our list.  Lucky said she wanted it to be a party room!  We headed to Joann's together (with a coupon!!) and gathered everything we needed for the room.  It was one of my favorite shopping trips ever!  Lucky was so agreeable and giggly and just plain fun.

After bringing our goodies home and working for a bit, here's our latest dollhouse room:

We decided we needed a big 10 seat table to allow for big parties:).  Bill and Lucky made the table with some thick dowels and a piece of scrap wood.  Bill did it all with a hand saw.  I'm thinking we might need to invest in a real saw one of these days:).  The chairs are actually Christmas ornaments from CB2 called Igloo Chair Ornaments.  I picked up a bunch of them on clearance for 50 cents each.  The rug was made from fabric I had on hand already.  I just sewed a rectangle, and we had an instant rug.

The 'lounge area' is pretty simple right now.  I found the coffee table from the dollar store.  The chairs were also Christmas ornaments from CB2, but they aren't available currently.  

We decided that if we were going to throw big parties at our dollhouse, we really needed a place where our guests could sleep, so this room also serves as a sleeping quarters once the tables are removed and some extra beds are put in place:

Bill and Lucky made the beds using wooden plaques and dowels, again with a hand saw:).  I sewed the pillows with some duck cloth I had on hand, and the bed spreads were made using fabric that Lucky and I picked out together.  The night stands were from Joann's in the 'wood aisle' and were $1 each, but we had a 'take 25% off your entire purchase coupon', so they were 75 cents each.  The 'Sunshine' sign is a thin wood plaque (from Joann's) painted with chalkboard paint (no surprise:)) and attached with a 3M Command Strip.  

The garland was made with some baker's twine, 3M hooks, mini clothes pins from Joann's and shapes cut from various pieces of scrap book paper we had on hand.  

We still would like to add another rug or two in this space and perhaps some lamps or an overhead light or both.  Perhaps the night stands will get painted too.  Who knows how it will change by the time we're really done:). 

I hope you had a nice weekend!!  Why do they always fly by so quickly?


  1. i LOVE this! how old is your daughter, can i ask? i have my old doll house from when i was a kid and thinking i will redo it with emmy, but not sure what the age is.

  2. Thanks Cassie! She is 4 1/2, and has enjoyed the process, but I think she'd enjoy it even more if she were a little older:). The Dollhouse Challenge came up though (although my little book case dollhouse pales in comparison to the creations some people are coming up with), and I couldn't wait!