The HG Series

The Hello Goodbye Series:

After a health scare, we've been attempting to remove any unnecessary chemicals from our household, and slowly but surely we're getting the job done.  Every little change we make is helping to make our home a healthier and safer place for our family.  Here are the updates we've made so far:

We've got many more updates to make (and blog about), but we're currently working on removing plastic kitchen utensils and storage containers, updating our cleaners to safer alternatives, using more natural personal hygiene products, and eating healthier, less processed foods.  I'll continue to update this page as we journey forward!!


  1. Great post! After a chemical scare in our home about 2 years ago we made the switch to living greener and "cleaner" using safe, natural products in all different areas inside and around our home vs. chemical based ones. I agree that it is amazing what a few small changes can really make for our families. I like that you shared the information on your skillet and cookware.....a lot of people do not know about the dangers of using non-stick materials...YIKES! What natural cleaners are you using? What other changes are you making? I would love to learn more!
    xoxo ~Jennifer

    1. Hi Jennifer!
      Thanks for stopping by:)! Although, I have plans to start 'making' my own cleaners, we currently are using the Seventh Generation, Babyganics and Method product lines. No more windex. No more 409. Nothing with super harsh chemical smells.

      We also made changes in our personal care products. Our kids now use California Baby products or Babyganics (Babies R Us). Babyganics has a line of wet wipes which we love. I also like their kid soap, detergent and cleaners too!!

      I've been trying to find the perfect hair care products. I've tried Burt's Bees which works pretty well. I also received a sample pack of hair care products from Intelligent Nutrients and I love them! They are crazy expensive though:

      We stopped using Dial soap, which actually has triclosan in it!! We switched to Trader Joe's oatmeal soap which is reasonably priced ($1.99/2 bars) and feels great on our skin!

      We also stopped drinking our beer out of aluminum cans, which are often lined in BPA.

      We only use dye free, fragrance free clothes detergent (Method or Babyganics).

      We use Seventh Generation dishwasher soap.

      Hope that helps!! (And thanks for the reminder to post about some of these things!)