Friday, November 30, 2012

Goodbye November!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Turkey Day was so early this year, that I didn't have a chance to finish all of the 'Thanksgiving Projects' I had planned before Thanksgiving, so I decided to finish them this know, so they are all set for next year:).  I thought I would show a few pictures of how our great room is looking today (along with some other random pictures), because tomorrow Christmas is making it's grand appearance around here:)!

I made the 'Give Thanks' sign using the same canvas that I used here and here and here.  I just added metal 'stencil' letters that I picked up from Michael's in the summer.  I actually purchased an entire alphabet of letters when they were on sale (normally $1 each).  I also picked up a couple duplicate letters that have special family meaning, so I was also able to make this Thanksgiving version too with the help of one extra 'G': 

I painted this turkey onto burlap, we'll call him Tom.  Tom the Turkey, I like that.  It's not perfectly centered on the picture it's wrapped around.  I have an order into Bill for a simple wood frame that I can staple the turkey burlap to for next year, and when we staple it, we'll get it closer to center!  Painting a big turkey was a pretty straight forward project, but I've included a little tutorial at the bottom of this post in case you want to duplicate Tom for next year:)!

I cut these letters out of felt using a computer template.  I cut out two pieces of felt for each letter, and then Lucky and Charm helped me sew the pieces together.  The added weight of two felt pieces made the letters hang better.

I picked up these stick pumpkins on sale from Target last year.  They were in the $1 bin area, but were really $2.50 each originally.

In addition to Tom, we also made hand print turkeys this year:

We ate fruit turkeys too:

We also made clay turkeys:

And we read some wonderful Thanksgiving Books:

Finally, we completed our Thankful Board:

We really had fun completing our Thankful Board.  It's amazing how a few simple words can capture so much about our lives this month!  It will be fun to read this list in years to come.

And on Thanksgiving Day, we managed to get a decent family picture:)!

And with that, Adios November...bring on Christmas!!

Tom the Turkey Tutorial

Find a clip art turkey profile that you like.  Print it out on computer paper and make some measurements to determine how big you want your final turkey to be.  I ended up taking my computer picture to Fed Ex Kinko's and had them blow it up to 3.5x the original size.

Cut out your turkey and center it on your fabric.

Grab a marker (really any marker would do...I just happened to have a fabric marker).

Trace your turkey.

Grab some paint.  If you decide to paint on burlap, you'll need tons of paint to make it look opaque.  I wanted the natural look of burlap, so that's why I used it, but I probably would use a tan/beige duck cloth if I had to do it again.

Paint.  A lot.  I think it took 4 coats of thick paint to cover the turkey as well as I wanted.

Tape/Staple/Glue your fabric turkey around a frame or canvas of some sort.  Stand back and Gobble.

Have a great weekend!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Wishing. Hoping. Dreaming.

Even though Santa already came early for me this year:

I'm a Minivan Mom:)!

...I thought it still would be fun to make a little Christmas list with some items that have caught my eye as of late.  Perhaps some of these items will help give you some gift giving ideas for those on your Christmas list:)!

Microwave Popcorn that is non-GMO and is actually healthy...I'd like to give it a try:)!

I'd love to pick up a copy of Ana's book.  Bill and I have poured over her website when making projects like our patio table.  We also have a couple projects we'll be tackling in the near future using plans from her site.  The fact that her plans are free is amazing in my opinion.  I feel like I owe her at least the $15 cost of her book:)!

I love both the look of this tabletop radio and the reviews that it gets.  I have the perfect spot for it in our basement!


I love this brand of nail polish, and I'd like to add to my collection.  In addition to a new color or two (I really like Smoky Martini too), I'd love to try the On the Rocks Topcoat as well to see if I can keep the color on my nails longer.

I'd love to get a nicer set of craft paint brushes than the toddler friendly brushes I currently use:).  I'm sure these aren't top of the line, but it would be a huge step up for me.  And I love the carrying case too:)!

I have long loved these leather poufs, and one would love living in my home:)...though I honestly don't know what color I'd prefer: dark brown or teal!

These just look so comfy to slippers that are okay to wear out of the house.  (I've been looking for a cheap pair on eBay for awhile now, ever since I read this post at Isabella and Max Rooms.)

I have also been looking for a flannel shirt that fits for forever, and I think that the tall sizing on this shirt might be perfect for me!  

Nate Berkus for Target
I love these shells! 

World Market
These jars are adorable, and would be handy in my craft area.

This chair is quite adorable!  I could see it spray painted in a super bright color too:).

And that rounds out my 'just for the fun of it' list for this year.  I hope you've all been especially good this year, so Santa brings you everything on your list:), and I hope Christmas shopping is effortless and easy for you this year too!!  As for me, I'm LOVING my new minivan, affectionately named Blanca Bianca Version 2.0.  Thank you Santa!!  And I'll more likely than not be braving the crowds on Turkey Thursday/Black Friday this week for a little Christmas shopping and to continue the Black Friday shopping tradition that goes back many, many years in our household.  The coffee high and thrill of the chase is so darn exciting.  Plus, I inevitably get to see my husband run in a store like a kid running to meet a super hero and it makes me bend over with laughter.

Regardless of scoring any good deals this weekend, Black Friday is going to be awesome:)!  Is anyone else heading out this year or do you plan to do your shopping online this year?

Friday, November 16, 2012

One More Look at Lucky's Room

So here's one last picture filled post of Lucky's Room.  It is one of the two most 'finished' rooms in our house.  (Our dining room is also feeling finished these days ever since we added a second set of chevron curtains.)

The gallery wall has had a couple changes from the beginning.

I added this 'owl always love you' hoop that I picked up at Urban Outfitters last winter for $5 on clearance.  It was a 'faux' embroidered hoop meaning the stitches were just 'drawn' into the fabric.  I took the time to actually embroider over the pattern.  I had no idea how long it would take, but I got it done eventually:)!

These hand prints (there's a second one not pictured above) were added over a year ago on Lucky's 4th birthday.  I painted simple wood plaques from Michael's with acrylic paint and then had Lucky stamp her hand onto the wood.

I can only think of three changes/improvements I could make to her space right now.  One would be figuring out how to photograph the window wall of her room better.  The lighting is so tricky/bad and it shows whenever I photograph the wall.  Another change would involve moving her curtain rod to the ceiling and making some curtain changes.

Finally, I'm pretty much over this rug.  I'm thinking a white flokati rug would be fantastic in the space down the road.

Overall, Lucky's room makes us all smile...especially Lucky girl!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Let the Thanksgiving Fun Begin!!

With only one week to go before Thanksgiving, I figure it's time to mention a couple Thanksgiving themed activities that we are doing in our household this year.  I found a great "Thanksgiving Bucket List" on Modern Parents Messy Kids, and we plan to tackle many of the activities listed.

The first activity that we're working on is a chalkboard Thanksgiving Countdown.  We take turns coming up with people, places or things that we are thankful for, and then I write them on our dining room chalkboard, one per day.  My favorite so far was when Charm said he was thankful for, "All my people."  I think he meant he is thankful for all his relatives and friends that he loves.  It was so funny and so sweet.

We also started gratitude journals and each day the kids draw a picture of something they are thankful for.  It keeps them busy while dinner is cooking, which I am thankful for:).

In addition, we are planning a few turkey crafts for today, and some fun and festive thanksgiving themed snacks for the next few days. I've tracked down a few Thanksgiving books to read as well.

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful tradition, and a great reminder for us to be grateful for all the blessings in our lives!  Do you have any Thanksgiving activities planned for the next week?