Friday, November 16, 2012

One More Look at Lucky's Room

So here's one last picture filled post of Lucky's Room.  It is one of the two most 'finished' rooms in our house.  (Our dining room is also feeling finished these days ever since we added a second set of chevron curtains.)

The gallery wall has had a couple changes from the beginning.

I added this 'owl always love you' hoop that I picked up at Urban Outfitters last winter for $5 on clearance.  It was a 'faux' embroidered hoop meaning the stitches were just 'drawn' into the fabric.  I took the time to actually embroider over the pattern.  I had no idea how long it would take, but I got it done eventually:)!

These hand prints (there's a second one not pictured above) were added over a year ago on Lucky's 4th birthday.  I painted simple wood plaques from Michael's with acrylic paint and then had Lucky stamp her hand onto the wood.

I can only think of three changes/improvements I could make to her space right now.  One would be figuring out how to photograph the window wall of her room better.  The lighting is so tricky/bad and it shows whenever I photograph the wall.  Another change would involve moving her curtain rod to the ceiling and making some curtain changes.

Finally, I'm pretty much over this rug.  I'm thinking a white flokati rug would be fantastic in the space down the road.

Overall, Lucky's room makes us all smile...especially Lucky girl!!

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