Friday, July 29, 2011

Modge Podge Party

Here's what you need for a little modge podge fun:

Movie, Soda and a half eaten bag of Circus Peanuts

Okay, those are the things that I need.  (Sidenote: I must stop eating circus peanuts.  I can't explain why I love them so.)  Here is what you really need:

Last week, we popped in a movie (You Again) and got to modge podging the bottoms of our newly painted white dresser in our bedroom.  Learning from my first modge podge drawer lining experience in Lucky's room, I opted to splurge on some thicker paper to get a better finish. 

I picked up 5 sheets of 27 inch x 19.5 inch wrapping paper from the Paper Source.  At a total cost of $12.50, it was more expensive than the dresser itself to this point:

This paper was really nice to work with because it was thick and because my drawer size was 13.5 inches x 17.5 inches requiring me to only fold the wrapping paper in half and cut down the fold and then remove 2 inches from the remaining sheet.  If you try this, I would caution you to double check the paper size anyway.  We ended up cutting one sheet too short because it must have been 18.5 inches wide instead of the 19.5 inches that the rest of the paper was.  Live and learn.

First, we wiped down the drawers and let them dry.  Then, I painted a thin, even coat of modge podge in each drawer and rolled my pre-cut paper into the drawer. I let it dry overnight and then did a coat of modge podge on top of the paper as well.  Here is how it turned out:

I did have bubbling again, even with the thick paper, but it wasn't nearly as bad.  The bubbling was less apparent in the sheets that had a small scale pattern.  Overall, I love the splash of color in each little drawer!

We've got a busy weekend planned, although the weather doesn't look like it wants to cooperate with our outdoor 'to do's'.  More hot and humid weather is predicted.  Perhaps we'll be focusing on our disaster of an office or maybe on Charm's room---a bigger headboard is on the agenda there.  I'm sure I'll be writing about whatever we end up doing and sharing it next week!

Have a good one!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

A,B,C Wall Art

Originally, I was thinking about adding a fabric pendant flag to Charm's room.  I've been having a hard time finding fabrics that I like for his room, however, so I settled on using a set of alphabet flashcards hung as wall art instead.  Here are a few inspiration images:

No Source

Source Unknown

While I considered using a free printable alphabet flash card set, I had a hard time finding a set that was gender neutral enough for my liking.  As in, I don't want 'B' to stand for 'ballerina' in Charm's room:).  Here are my supplies:

I chose the vintage-like Alphabet Animals Flash Cards by Lisa DeJohn.  

I purchased them through and actually purchased three different sets of flash cards to get free shipping with the idea I would return the two unused sets to our local Borders (which didn't stock these cards in store).  I ruled one of the sets out and then was debating between the more modern Alphabeasties set and the more vintage set above.  I made my decision and unwrapped the plastic on the vintage-like set.  I started to hang the cards and then my helper, Charm, decided to open the Alphabeasties set and start going through the cards.  I caught him mid-act, but figured...ah well.  I can use one set for its intended purpose and the other set as wall art.

I marked out four even spaces on our wall using post it notes, and then hung up 3M adhesive wall hooks to tie my twine onto.

I used clothespins that I had on hand already to attached the cards to the twine.

Instant Art!  

Total Cost: $14.47 ($10.47 for the cards and $4 for the 3M hooks)
Total Room Cost: $101.87

And in a completely unrelated note, the semi-annual Target toy clearance started yesterday in my town.  I'm so ready for birthdays and Christmas for the kiddos now.  Maybe I need to start a Twitter account so I can tweet these updates when I'm in the store.  Target toy clearance toys don't typically last long, although many Target stores won't mark them to 75% off until today or tomorrow even. 

Another random side note/question: Why don't you twit from a Twitter account?  It would make more sense to tweet from a Tweeter account or twit from a Twitter account.  Technological English is so complicated.  Tweet out.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Happy Very Belated Fourth of July!

Our Red, White and Blue family room was finally pulled together last week and here is the photo shoot:

I used the wrapping paper from this post to recover Wilbur the bird's book perch.

I pulled out red, white and blue books from my ever-growing book collection.

Here is the cost breakdown for the month:
Picture frame: $3.38
Star Banner: $0.56 for red poster board
Octopus Pillow: $12
Red Marker Buckets: $1 for 2 from Target Dollar Bin Area (on sale)
Red Tin Star: $3 clearance from Kohl's with a coupon
Blue and White Throw Blanket (rolled in basket): $6.24 Target Clearance

Grand Total: Under $27 for a very festive family room!  I'm all set for next year, and hopefully, the room will actually be decorated by the 4th of July!!

Click on the 'Color of the Month' link below this post to see what colors we've used in our family room over the last few months.  And as for August, here's a hint.  We're going to use a color that is sure to make one Lucky girl very, very happy:).  Guess away!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Can You Say, Gutters?

Imagine Charm saying 'gutters' right now, because that's what we got installed yesterday!  Bill and I have been putting this off for awhile now because we couldn't get ourselves motivated to research gutter options.  Gutters are good for the foundation, siding and landscaping but unfortunately, they're just not that exciting to me.  And they are expensive, too.  After receiving several quotes, and observing our roof in the rain, we decided we wanted 4 sections of gutters installed over our front porch, deck, patio and garage.  We ended up hiring a local gutter company that we found on Angie's List, and we are very, very pleased with their work.

And in super exciting news, Lucky learned how to pump her legs while swinging!  All she needs is a big push to get started.  She is so proud of herself, and we're proud of her too.

Here's another random outdoor update.  Look what's coming up in our garden

Look carefully in this picture for Charm swinging in the background:)!

Next up on the ol' summer time 'to do' list: Calling for mudjacking quotes!

Faux Bois Fun!!

I really like the whole faux bois look.  I have a couple coffee mugs with a faux bois pattern on them, and they make me smile whenever I'm using one to drink my morning coffee.

From Home Goods

I've also found faux bois wrapping paper at The Container Store:

And faux bois scrapbook paper at Michael's:

Here are some other faux bois inspiration images:
Faux Bois Blanket

Faux Bois Pitcher

Faux Bois Dresser

And after much searching, I tracked down a faux bois tool at our local Ace Hardware Store for $5.99!  I've got several projects in mind for this little guy:

After giving myself about 2 minutes to give it a whirl this weekend, here's what I discovered: 

It's going to take a little practice.  I need to figure out the best way to get an even coat of paint on the tool so it doesn't look like a big blob of paint at the top and I need to get the whole roll the tool/drag the tool combination down.  I think I'll get the hang of it though.  More to come with Mr. Faux Bois.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Mirror Score!

Check out what I found listed on Craigslist late last week:
Craigslist Image

A faux bamboo mirror!  
Remember a couple weeks ago I posted here about missing out on one of these golden lovelies?

This mirror was actually listed as a 'bambo mirror' which would explain why I didn't find it earlier even though the posting went up on July 10th.  I have been searching 'bamboo' or 'faux bamboo'.  

We picked up the mirror this weekend for forty buckaroos (Not bad when you consider how much these mirrors are going for on Ebay!) and it's in great shape!  Persistence pays!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Check Out My Eight Pointer, Dad!

His name is Duke, and I didn't find him in the woods.  I found him on Ebay.  Oh, and if you couldn't tell, he's plastic, and I'm ecstatic.  After researching many fake deer head options in this post, he was the most economical, and I think he even has a smile on his face. 

I've got just the place in mind for him at our home.  Actually, I can think of about 10 different places I could put him, but I know where he's going to start his new life in our sunshine home.  Feel free to guess where that might be.  If you are the first to guess right, you can have middle naming privileges. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Knocking Off West Elm, Target Style

I love West Elm.  It is a store with great style, but oftentimes, I find it to be pricier than I'd like:).  Here are a few items that caught my eye on my last trip through West Elm, along with more reasonably priced Target versions:

West Elm End Table:
Cost: $99 on sale, regularly $149

Target Table
$9.98 on clearance 75% off

West Elm Mirrored Tray:
Cost: $20 clearance

Target Mirrored Tray:

Cost: $3.74 on clearance

West Elm Chevron Tray
Cost:  I forget!!  It was in the clearance area, though, so I'm guessing about $20

Target White Tray that may go chevron with a marker:

Cost: $4.98 on clearance

$59 for cover alone

Target Furry Pillow:
Cost: $14.99
(I own two of these furry pillows that I love!  I bought one when they first came out and were priced at $11.99/pillow, the second one was purchased for $11.70 on sale (it was $12.99 full price at the time and there was a 10% off throw pillow sale))
Throw pillows frequently go on sale 10% off at Target

Bottom line:
 Always keep your eyes peeled for stylish Target deals:)!

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