Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Few Deals For My Peeps

Okay, so this isn't going to be my normal 'weekly deal' run down.  I'm pretty well stocked on toiletries right now, so I skipped Walgreens this week, and my Rainbow 'savings' were subpar this week.  I'm falling out of coupon mode which happens from time to time, especially when we have a pretty good stockpile going.  I've still been shopping though:).  Here are a couple scores from the past week or so:

Last weekend, I went to Walmart to pick up a couple spray cans of Kilz primer for a project we might *fingers crossed* finish this weekend.  Our store is undergoing a huge remodel, and I ended up running through the toy section on my way to the paint section.  In my past experience, Walmart places clearance toys in their 'clearance section', and usually the prices aren't that far reduced from the original selling price.  And the toys sit and sit and sit, and it's not very exciting.  Take this example:

It's impossible to read with this small image, but this farm yard play set is normally about $38 and it's on clearance for $30.  The price sticker is red and white and it was in the clearance section.  Note, that it's not even 25% off the original price.

Now look what caught my eye in the actual toy section:

Was $18.88, now $5.00.  See how the stickers are yellow and white, but have 2 different prices on them?  I just looked around the aisles for 2 prices on one sticker and found several good buys.

Was $8, now $2.  Yeah for 75% discounts!

Was $14.96, now $5

And these shelves are empty because I may have bought the toys when I didn't have my camera with me, and then took pictures on my next Walmart run:

Fisher Price Fire Station Set, Was $19.97, Now $3.

Fire Engine was $10, now $2.

Now look what I bought for $9 total:

The Fisher Price Fire Station Set in back of photo: $3
The Fire Truck and Dump Truck were $2 each
2 Gone Fishin' Board Games were $1 each

Charm is well on his way to a very Merry Christmas:)!

Here's my, if that primer was only on clearance, I'd be a really happy camper!!  I did learn, however, to keep an eye out for yellow and white price stickers with 2 prices on them. 


I found this shower curtain on clearance for $3.74. 

Also, Calypso St. Barth clothing collections have all gone 75% off at my Target.  I had been eyeing a dress since the collection came out and by sheer luck, they had it in stock in my size still.  I picked up a cute swimsuit for Lucky for next year as well for $3.74.

Sometimes, companies just want to essentially give things away to get you in their store.  I love it, because I am pretty good about getting only the free/nearly free items and then leaving without impulse buys.  This week, Staples had a coupon for 75% off any Uniball product.  (Here is the link for Staples coupons through Hip2Save, one of my favorite coupon websites.)   I also received an email with $5 in Rewards Cash as a 'Thank You' for having a Rewards account with them.  (It's a free account that you can use to get free things.  Sort of a no-brainer.)  Last week, I used $2 in Rewards to buy a $2 ream of paper.  This week, I picked up a $13.99 package of Uniball multicolored pens and after coupon and $3 Rewards, I ended up paying 54 cents for my new pens. 

 I love them.  They are going to help me organize our office:)! 

Mini-Rainbow Update

I won $20 playing Monopoly already.  I'm still trucking along on my quest to win an iPad!:)

There are deals to be had everywhere!!  You just have to keep your eyes open, and remember that if you miss one deal....another one is right around the corner!


  1. I have won $2. I wonder if you have any of the ones that I need...I am so close on so many!

  2. Maybe we can do a monopoly piece exchange on Saturday, because I have a toy sauce pan full of 'doubles'! L and C throw them around like confetti.