Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I See Animals!

When we were house hunting last spring, we came across a large ranch style home that had a huge finished basement.  When we walked downstairs, the first thing out of Lucky's mouth was, "I see animals!" and she wasn't kidding.  I have never in my life been surrounded by so many stuffed and mounted animals.  The home owner must have liked going on African Safari's or something.  It was a seriously disturbing space. 

That being said, I'm not opposed to an animal mount here or there, but I much prefer the fake variety.  I could make one with balloons and paper mache, or I could shop for one.  So far, these are the animals I've come across online (I have a strong preference for deer, although many of these options are available as other animals):

ZGallerie, Deer Head Large $249.95 (Small $49.95)

Amazon, Deer Head $42.99

Anthropologie, Savannah Story Bust Rhino, $68

Urban Outfitters, Cardboard Taxidermy, Small $28, Large $52

I've made no purchases as of yet, but I think something like this will be heading my way soon!

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