Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Can You Say, Gutters?

Imagine Charm saying 'gutters' right now, because that's what we got installed yesterday!  Bill and I have been putting this off for awhile now because we couldn't get ourselves motivated to research gutter options.  Gutters are good for the foundation, siding and landscaping but unfortunately, they're just not that exciting to me.  And they are expensive, too.  After receiving several quotes, and observing our roof in the rain, we decided we wanted 4 sections of gutters installed over our front porch, deck, patio and garage.  We ended up hiring a local gutter company that we found on Angie's List, and we are very, very pleased with their work.

And in super exciting news, Lucky learned how to pump her legs while swinging!  All she needs is a big push to get started.  She is so proud of herself, and we're proud of her too.

Here's another random outdoor update.  Look what's coming up in our garden

Look carefully in this picture for Charm swinging in the background:)!

Next up on the ol' summer time 'to do' list: Calling for mudjacking quotes!


  1. I don't even know what "mudjacking" is! :)

  2. It sort of sounds like a sport, huh? Mudjacking involves drilling small holes into settled sections of concrete and then pouring/shoving/inserting concrete into the holes to raise the drooping slabs. We have some sections of our driveway concrete in front of our porch that have settled quite a bit. See this post for a picture: http://sunshineontheinside.blogspot.com/2011/04/spring-has-sprung.html

  3. it's true that gutters aren't the most exciting purchase but they're so necessary! glad you're happy with your purchase, thanks for sharing.