Monday, July 25, 2011

Mirror Score!

Check out what I found listed on Craigslist late last week:
Craigslist Image

A faux bamboo mirror!  
Remember a couple weeks ago I posted here about missing out on one of these golden lovelies?

This mirror was actually listed as a 'bambo mirror' which would explain why I didn't find it earlier even though the posting went up on July 10th.  I have been searching 'bamboo' or 'faux bamboo'.  

We picked up the mirror this weekend for forty buckaroos (Not bad when you consider how much these mirrors are going for on Ebay!) and it's in great shape!  Persistence pays!


  1. Even I think this is a cool mirror. Plus, after picking it up, we got McDonalds!

  2. Nice score on the mirror! I stole the one you wanted the first time around, but good things come to those who wait since you paid $10 less than I did :-)