Friday, July 15, 2011

Rolling in the Deep...Brown Fabric

So a couple weeks ago, I wrote about finding a piece of fabric that I loved in the remnant bin at Hancock Fabric:

Well, later that day I went a major internet search to discover the identity of the fabric.  I had this to go on:

Better Homes and Gardens, Richloom Fabric, and I knew it was an outdoor/indoor fabric based on the texture.  After searching many fairly ambigious terms like 'brown floral print richloom fabric' and 'BHG Richloom', I finally came across this fabric at

BHG Wailea Ocean

As soon as I saw it, I knew it was the exact same pattern I was looking for in a different color scheme('Ocean').  I had the name of my desired fabric:  Wailea!  Now, I needed the correct color.  I searched some more and found this listing at Fabric Guru:

Sample of Printed Polyester Outdoor Fabric by Richloom For Better Homes & Gardens Wailea in Coconut
Intentional No Image

It listed a Wailea fabric in 'Coconut'.  It sounded promising, but there was no image.  I'm pretty impatient when it comes to securing a 'find', and I was worried about inventory, so the idea of sending for a sample wasn't a fun idea for me.  I called Fabric Guru and got a verbal description of the fabric, and it sounded right on...dark brown background with a blue and green floral theme.  Yes!  It was $11.95/yd with a $4.99 shipping fee, so it wasn't horrible, but then I was informed that it could take up to 6 weeks to be delivered directly from the manufacturer.  Boo.  Big Boo. 

And then my good friend, sent me a text that she had seen the same fabric at a Joann's on the west coast.  Hmmm.  Interesting.  I figured that maybe I missed it at my local Joann's so I went there Friday night with no luck.  I found it in 'Citronella', but not the 'Coconut' that I was fairly sure I needed. 

Saturday morning, I headed out to a couple other Joann Fabric stores in the area and came up empty handed.  I learned that in order for a fabric store to check inventory of a particular fabric, they need the exact fabric number that the store has assigned to it.  They can't help you even if you have the right fabric (Wailea) in a different color scheme from what you are looking for.  So, I contacted my west coast gal pal to see if she could get me the fabric number from her local Joann's.  She did (thank you, thank you, thank you!) and on Sunday night, Joann's was able to locate enough yardage at a store a couple hours south of me. 

I contacted that store Monday morning, ordered the fabric and it arrived on my doorstep Tuesday evening.  Next day service is awesome!  Additionally, the fabric ended up being $2 per yard cheaper through Joann's vs. Fabric Guru!  And now we're ready to roll with my deep brown fabric:


  1. Great detective work! Loved seeing Lucky wrapped in it. Now I am anxious to see where it will end up in your house.

  2. Will we see some pillows? :)

  3. I'm going to keep it a big secret until the project is all done. I think anyway. Maybe I'll do a progress post. I'm not sure. In my head, it's going to be awesome:)!