Thursday, July 14, 2011

Let's Go to Target!

There are many fun deals at Target this week, and I decided that taking some pictures in the store would be the best way to showcase here's a virtual Target trip for you!  I compiled my shopping list from this post at Hip2Save, and I regularly check in with Target Savers too.

Sharpie Marker 2 packs on sale for $1
Use $1 off Target coupon to get them for FREE!

Scotch Tape Roll on sale for $1
Use $1 off Manufacturer coupon to get it for FREE!

Washable Glue Sticks on sale for $0.20 for 2:
I like to stock up on craft supplies for the year during the pre-school sales.

Papermate Pens $1.02
Use $1 off Target coupon to get a pack for $0.02!

Pillow $2.50 (Lots of other pillows were on sale as well!)
 Use $2 off Target coupon to get one for $0.50!

Graphic T-shirt on clearance for $2.48

Use $2 off Target coupon to get one for $0.48!

Jeans on clearance for $4.98

Use $3 off Target coupon to get a new pair of jeans for $1.98

Clearance Shoes Galore:




Clearance Wallets:


Clearance Toy Section:
(I usually wait to get a few toys during the 75% off sale that will probably take place later this month.)

Summer Clearance:

Here is what I bought:
(I used a $5 off 2 Revlon nail tools coupon in addition to the coupons listed above.)

Grand Total: $5.44
for a shirt,
a pair of jeans,
a pair of shoes,
4 Sharpie markers,
8 glue sticks,
2 packs of pens,
2 scotch tape rolls,
a pillow,
a nail file
and nail clippers

I'd take a picture of my receipt, but the total is a little bit higher than that because I also picked up some other things we needed like Dixie Cups and a poster board and some of the candy deals posted at Hip2Save.

The Target coupons I used are from the 'coupons' section at  The Scotch tape coupon can be found here.

If you head to Target this week, let me know if you find these or any other deals!!

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  1. Love it! The wallets are my favorite--what a good deal. AND . . . It is such a good idea to stock up on the back to school supplies--you need them all year long.