Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My $4 West Elm Mirror

So after missing out on this mirror, I've had mirrors on the brain.  I saw this image on the blog Made By Girl late last week:

via Made By Girl for West Elm

It's a mirror that will apparently be hitting West Elm stores soon as part of their new fall collection.

I conveniently picked up a bunch of sticks at a Goodwill store in Iowa on our vacation a couple weeks ago (yup, we thrifted and antiqued our way through Iowa:)) for the low price of 99 cents.  I wasn't sure what I would do with them, but 2 days after seeing the above mirror image, I had my hot glue gun out and was ready to put those sticks to work.  I also used a 12 inch round mirror that I picked up from Michael's for $3 (with a 40% off coupon).

Here are a few pictures of the process:

My 99 cent sticks

My Supplies

Lucky worked on her own project while Charm napped and I started work.

And here's the after: 

And here is our new mirror above our bed:

Is it perfect?  Absolutely not.  It's not nearly as full as the West Elm version, but for $4 total, I'm thrilled with the outcome.  We used 3M picture hanging strips to adhere it to the wall. 

If I had to do it all over again, here is what I'd do differently:  I'd consider the scale I was aiming for before heading to Michael's to pick up the mirror.  I was surprised to see all the options I could have chosen.  I picked a 12 inch mirror, but I think an 8 inch or 10 inch diameter would have worked better for the look I was going for.  A smaller mirror would have resulted in a fuller look.  I probably could have gotten away with breaking the sticks in half, had I used a smaller mirror.  Ah well.  Live and learn.  Next time I make a stick mirror, I'll do better:)!


  1. Love the new wall hanging--What a good idea to give Lucky her own project while you worked!

  2. This is very pretty- good job!!

  3. What a great idea. It looks great over your bed.

  4. FABULOUS look for less! super impressed!