Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Charm Ought to Be in Pictures

I pulled out a couple more of my Target clearance poster frames for Charm's room too.  Don't worry, I only have 1 more frame left:).  These were bigger than the frames we used in our hallway and in Lucky's room, and cost $4.24 each on clearance.  I needed bigger mats and pictures to fill the frames, which cost $5 each (with a coupon from Michael's) and $5.96 each (from Sam's Club), respectively.

Here they are:

The top picture is of Lucky and Charm picking strawberries a few weeks ago and the bottom one is from this photo shoot.


And the best view is from the hallway because the pictures in Charm's room continue our hallway 'gallery':

Charm's going to check his room out!

The total for both framed prints was $30.40, bringing the room cost total to $87.40.

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  1. Think this is one of my very favorite posts. Love, Love, Love the large photos and Charm!