Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lucky's Room Reveal

After a couple months, Lucky's room is finally ready for a big reveal!  (Well, there are a couple projects we will continue to work on, but it's basically done:)).  You can read more about the furniture, wall art and general organization of this room if you click on 'Lucky's Room' at the bottom of this post.

Here is reminder of what we started with:

(And it was actually less than what is pictured.  We didn't keep the daybed frame, so we were really starting with a twin mattress (no box spring), a brown reading chair and some accessories.)

And here is what the room looks like today:

Here are some close up photos of the last few room additions:

I added some poster frames (just like the ones I posted about here) to add some personalized photos.

We also hung her 'L' hook:

She loves being able to hang up her own towel at night.

And we added an embroidered prayer that my Grandma made for me just after I was born.  It was in my room as a little girl for as long as I can remember.

And remember my original inspiration for the room?  Well, I found a hat stand on Craigslist for one buckaroo, and I had to snatch it up to display the hat behind the room.  A perfect finishing touch!!

And here are a few more things that we'll be working on in the future:

We had a little problem with one of the drawer knobs already.  I think we tightened it too much when we installed them and one cracked.  No one was hurt and I replaced it with a cheapo white floral pair from the Michael's dollar bin section.  I may try to spray paint it a similar blue to the others, because I really don't love the look as is. 

And this canvas will be one of my 'hibernation' projects this winter after I find some inspiration.  It's a big canvas that I've had for quite awhile, so I'm not sure how much it cost, and I didn't include the cost for the room since it's not finished (or even started actually).

All in all, I'm very pleased with the way this room came together, and I learned so much in the process!!

The budget update for this room will come tomorrow, once I get it all calculated.  Then, we're moving on to Charm's big boy room!!

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  1. Looks great! Lucky is lucky to have such a wonderful room!

  2. You put so much love into this room--and it shows! It is beautiful.

  3. I LOVE the embroidery hoop wall art! I may have to steal this idea . . .

  4. Steal away...and then send me some pictures!