Monday, June 6, 2011

Lovely June Weekend Update

We are weekend warriors.  I can't believe all that we did in two short, beautiful days!  There were Home Depot and Menards runs with the kids, swimming at our community pool, bubbles, painting, sewing, electrical outlet moving.  Seriously busy.  Seriously fun.

We have many projects going on right now.  We're in the middle of most of them.  Lots of times one project leads to another mini-project which makes things slow going at times.  We're constantly learning...I broke a sewing machine needle tonight, found a spare needle hidden in the 'sewing box' in the machine (Thanks for giving me a well stocked machine, Ma!) and changed it myself (no manual required)!  It's all about the little victories!

Here are some picture highlights from our weekend:

Bill's Painting Project

Lucky's Painting Project:

 One of my painting projects:

Cute from head to toe!!

Garden Explosion:

Cleaning out the Office:

June Family Room Hint:

More Piping:)!:

Bubble Time:

World's Best Dad!:

I'm so excited to get a few of these projects done, so I can show off our hard work:)!

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