Thursday, June 30, 2011

Black, White and Tan June, I Have Not Forgotten You.

It's just been busy.  I've had the room neutralized since early June.  Here are a couple mini-additions that I have yet to blog about.

I have always loved pillows like this:

Sweater-Knit Pillow Cover

And with the right sweater, I've even considered making a pillow like this:

But then I found these at Kohl's on clearance for $8.99, and then I got an additional 30% off with a coupon:

They are Euro Sham covers, and I had a few shamless Euro pillows that I had used on our Big Black Bed prior to selling it.  (The old shams were sold at our garage sale: $10 for 3).

 At first, the shams were a little too big for the pillows:

But a quick hot water wash and high heat dryer cycle took them down to a perfect size:

Pretty nice for $6.30 each.  I don't think I could make them for cheaper than that, especially taking into account the time it would take to cut and sew an old sweater.

And remember the picture frame that I posted about here:

Well, since it's our anniversary month, I landed on this handmade card to fill the frame:

And finally, I changed out the bird picture above our fireplace from last month, and added a family photo.


Lucky's hand is on top, followed by my hand and then Bill's.  We couldn't convince Charm to give us a hand.  Next time:).

Here are some photos of the room as a whole:

Next month: a little red, white and blue action!!  And to see previous colors of the month, please click on the label 'Color of the Month' below. 

And also, Lucky's Room Budget Update will go up tomorrow!

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