Thursday, June 23, 2011

Campaign Furniture Score

Can you see what these images have in common?

via Pinterest (Elle Decor)

Okay, this image is a giveaway!  Campaign furniture ties the images together.  Campaign furniture was historically designed for use in military campaigns.  The furniture was intended to be easy to fold, pack and carry while marching.  Now let's look at more campaign desks:

And here are some campaign style desks that are currently available for sale:
Campaign Desk World Market, $229.99
Asheworthe Campaign Desk Williams Sonoma $3850

And here is what my sweet Bill picked up for me from Craigslist for the low price of $40:
Craigslist Image

And here the desk is in our garage (sadly, I forgot to take a picture before we covered it up and put it in the corner...behind all of the other furniture projects we're working on:))

Getting the desk and storage chest in the car were an adventure for Bill.  I'm starting to think he should write a book about his Craigslist pick up adventures.

The finish is actually in pretty good shape, so I'm not sure if I'll be painting them or not.  We'll see!

And now, Kiki, you know what campaign furniture is!


  1. Thanks for the history lesson! I can't wait to read th Craigslist chronicles by bill!

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