Thursday, June 23, 2011

Shopping Again

After taking last week off from running errands, I hit my normal three stores again this week.  It was a slow week at Walgreens without many Register Rewards deals that I was interested in, and I had to use up my Register Rewards from 2 weeks ago before they expired, so I bought up a few packs of diapers using manufacturer coupons and Walgreens store coupons and left the store with $0 RR for the first time in months! 

I almost reached my goal of 50% savings, by spending about $70 and saving about $65, but the bigger story this week was this game board:

It's Monopoly time at Rainbow, and I'm excited!

I haven't taken the time to read all the rules, as to how you acquire a certain number of 'tickets'.  What I do know is that I walked out of Rainbow with 30 of them.  I'm playing this game, but I'm not going to be buying items only because I want an extra ticket (some store items are marked as such).  Lucky helped me peel all of these open, and we placed the pieces on our game board.  No board prizes yet, but we did have 4 'instant winner' tickets, so we'll receive a free candy bar and more tickets when I shop next week!

I found jeans for girls marked down 75%, so Lucky now has jeans for the next 3 years.  Some were marked down as low as $1.74, although most were $2.48 or $3.74 depending on the brand.

I paid $14 for 5 pairs of jeans!

Also, the Calypso St. Barth Collection is on clearance right now too.  I'm holding out until more of it hits 75% (if it makes it that long), but I did find this long sleeve tunic in the girls section (for Lucky...she has the best wardrobe!:)) for $3.74 (75% off).

It was another good day of shopping:)!