Friday, June 24, 2011

White and Bright and Beautiful

I posted about this dresser that I found at a thrift store for $6.99 here:

Well, Bill has been hard at work priming and painting the piece using white paint and polyacrylic we had on hand.  (We did pick up a can of spray primer to speed the process a bit.):

When we sold our big black bed and nightstands in March, we knew that the dresser/tv stand (Hemnes by IKEA) would not be staying either. 

We sold the dresser on Craigslist in less than 24 hours for $175.  Then we replaced the IKEA dresser with our thrift store score that ended up being about $10 including the primer and the dresser:

Isn't it wonderful?  I just love how white and bright the new look is, and it fits in better with our new bed than Mr. Hemnes did:

I also love that we made money on the change!!  Eventually, I do hope to make some built in shelves for this area, but for now this works (TV components under the dresser and all:)).

I should note that Bill did the bulk of the work on this piece, and he did a fantastic job!!  Thank you B.

Have a great weekend...and if you need patio furniture, be sure to check out Target where you may find 50% off clearance prices!!


  1. What a good looking dresser! You must have a very handy husband. . .

  2. I think the white dresser is beautiful; the MBR is so cheery and restful. Bill you are a very talented restorationist!

  3. I think it is the skillful application of the paint that makes it work so well in this space ;)


  4. Yuppers, I have a paint master here:)!