Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Home Goodies

Here are a few fun things that made me look twice on a recent trip to Home Goods:

Basket $29.99 (Pottery Barn has these for much more $, and they also have one that would come up to your waist (at least, maybe your chest if you're short) if you stood in it.  I think it's for people that want to pretend to be in a hot air balloon while actually being in their living room)

Storage Box $14.99

I love these chairs.  I have no place for them though. $199

This chair was $499, but it was huge.  A giant could fit in it.  I so badly wanted to plop down on it, but it was on one of those display pedestal things, so I restrained myself.

Lamp $39.99.  I love this cork shade.  I think it is DIY-able.  I have a roll of cork already.  Hmmm..

I really liked these plates.  $2.99 or $3.99 depending on the size.  They also had butterfly ones.  I could see a super cute plate wall arrangement with them like this:

(I love this room...the black and white striped wall, the headboard, the plate collection!!)

That was about all that tickled my fancy this go round.  I didn't buy anything...just browsed a bit.  I think I'm getting pickier and pickier about what I bring in to my home.  Or maybe just cheaper.  Either way, Home Goods is my candy store.

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