Thursday, June 9, 2011

Black and White and Tan for June

We're going au natural for June.  I needed a break from blue and a break from yellow, and I couldn't land on a color I was super excited about for the month, so this frame was my inspiration for the room.  I found it on clearance at Marshall's for $5.50, and it just spoke to me:
I'm still working on frame contents.

And for more black and white accents: A while back, I found these newspaper covered fruit shapes at Michael's in the dollar bin section:

My Helper

I love looking in the dollar bin section.

It's where I found the chalkboard labels for Lucky's closet drawers.  I especially like looking when I have one of those 'take 25% off your entire order' coupons like this (valid through Saturday, June 11th--Thanks Hip2Save!) because I usually buy more than one item, and I'm not about to make multiple transactions with multiple 40% off coupons to save 40 cents per transaction vs 25 cents per transaction.

Back to the fruit...I bought 6 fruits for $4.50 and put them in this lamp that I already owned:

The lamp replaced the yellow one that was in here last month.

I'm really liking the muted colors.  It feels calm, and with all the bright colors going on outside right now, it's a nice balance.  I'll be posting more updates throughout the month!


  1. The book Lucky Billy makes me giggle. So fitting!

  2. That's funny that you noticed the book title. I couldn't pass that one up in the clearance bin at Goodwill:).