Thursday, June 2, 2011

Weekly Errands

I made my errand run this week, and scored some good deals at my usual stores: Walgreens, Target and Rainbow.  Here's a quick highlight!

I purchased everything pictured for $1.43 Out Of Pocket, using a $3 RR from last week.  I also received a $2 RR for the drink (which cost $2 = FREE!)  The wipes were on sale for $5.99 - $2 Walgreens Baby Book coupon - $0.50 manufacturer coupon = $3.49!  And the Ecotrin were on sale for 99 cents each with a Walgreens coupon, and I had three $1.50 off coupons that I used.  I earned $1.53 by buying the Ecotrin!


I spent $40.59 for everything pictured, AND I received $15 in Target gift cards for future purchases, so it's really like I spent $25.59.  According to my receipt, I saved $54.03.

Here is the rundown: 2 more packages of Charmin Toilet Paper, 2 Big Packages of Puffs tissues, Charmin Wet Wipes were free with the Charmin Toilet Paper (sign was posted in my store), and I had a coupon for $2.50 off when TP and wipes were purchased. The Tide detergent was on clearance for $2.84 AND I had $3 off coupons from the Charmin TP packages purchased previously and a store coupon for $0.75 off, so I made almost $1 each by buying three of these detergent bottles.  I purchased the 4th bottle with my 'overage'.  I also made my weekly Revlon Nail Tool purchase and made about $1.50 in coupon overage which I applied towards a new wallet that I was really needing.  It was on clearance for $6.48.  I also picked up some Banana Boat sunscreen and lip balm on the cheap with coupons and a gift card deal, Cutter bug spray for $0.24 with coupons, up and up liners for $0.14 with a coupon and a couple dollar bin finds: polka dot wrapping paper and a soldier playset like 'Toy Story'.  (I'm slowly accumulating a collection of Toy Story toys for Charm on the cheap with clearance finds...I have Buzz, Woody, and the dog so far.  Now, I have the soldiers too!)

Rainbow had a sale on All for $4.59, and I had a $1 off coupon that doubled making it $2.59.  Not as good of a deal as the free Tide at Target, but still a good deal.  Blue Bunny Ice Cream was on sale for $3, and I had a $1 off coupon that doubled making it $ freezer is seriously filling up with ice cream!!  Hormel Compleats were normally priced at $2.09, and I had a $1 off coupon that doubled, making it $0.09.  Frozen Dinner Rolls were $2.59 with a $0.75 off coupon that doubled, they were $1.09. 

Total for everything pictured: $4.77
Total spent this week: $65.50
Total saved this week: $56.99

P.S.  It was the week of laundry detergent, really.  Rainbow also had a HUGE section of laundry detergents on clearance for 50% off.  I picked up two Seventh Generation detergents for $3 each using a $2 off coupon that was attached to the bottles.  I also picked up a second All for $2.59, and 2 Arm and Hammer Detergents for $2.75 each after store and manufacturer coupons.  Tide, Gain and Greenworks brands were included as well.  I spent about $16 in detergent at Rainbow this week, and I don't think I'll be needing any detergent for a long, long time!  Also, $50 in groceries (taking out the detergent cost) isn't bad at all!!

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