Monday, June 27, 2011

Patio Additions!

At the end of my dresser reveal post last week, I mentioned that Target had started to put outdoor furniture on clearance.  Well, we took advantage and picked up a couple club chairs to add to our patio in addition to our dining set.

They were $62 each and included the beige cushions which match our yellow/beige cushions perfectly.  (I do have some extra fabric from making the cushions that I may use to add a pillow or two to the new chairs.)  I like that the curved backs of the chairs mimic our patio dining chairs, and I especially like that they are stackable for easy winter storage.  I'm excited to have some super comfy seating to use in the backyard while the kids are running around with bubbles or climbing trees or whatever:).

My goal was to keep the entire patio furnishings and accessories under $300.  So far we're at $166 + $124 = $290.  I still want to add a table of some sort for between the chairs and a few planters.  I'm going to have to get thrifty:).

We enjoyed dinner on the patio again this weekend, and it was lovely!!

Our new $4 Walmart water pitcher was a hit with the kids!!

And in other random updates: My planter is doing much better now.

 And our garden is exploding:
(Click on the garden link above to see what our garden looked like several short weeks ago.)

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  1. What great photos! You have set the stage for a fun summer BBQ.