Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Random Post about Wind Farms

Check out these pictures from our road trip to Iowa last week:

This particular wind farm was in Dexter, MN but there were many farms like this in Iowa on our way to Des Moines.  I can't tell you how impressive looking the turbines were scattered across the horizon.  I felt like we were in a sci-fi movie.  Apparently, Iowa is one of the leading states in the generation of electricity using wind power. 

We didn't stop the car to check them out up close, but those blades were ginormous!!

There are lots of exciting things happening around here, but I'm too tired working on projects to post much.  Soon.  Very soon.

Mini-teaser: Lucky's room is done for all practical purposes.  I have one large project left that I think I'll save for when we're hibernating this winter.  Charm's room is next up, and I've got a plan!  We just moved in a large piece of furniture that Bill refinished last night.  And I'm on a mad hunt for some fabric for several new projects!  Never a dull moment.  Oh, and Charm peed in the potty twice this weekend!  Good stuff!

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