Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ode to D.B.

In honor of my brother, D.B's upcoming visit, Charm has been hitting the guitar pretty hard:

Ta-Da!  It's even more funny when he claps for himself:)!

Please note:  The guitar hold was instinctual.  We never showed him how to hold it or strum it for that matter.

Singing a little ditty.

Such focus!

To Charm (And D.B. too): A Guitar = Pure Joy!

Lucky's been practicing too:
That is her ring finger.  At quick glance it may seem otherwise.

Finger Picking Fun.

And this picture is just too cute to exclude:

I think Charmster is sucking in his little boy gut!  I love it.

We can't wait for D.B. to come!!


  1. What beautiful children! I think they are both quite musical too!

  2. He's too cute! Thanks for sharing that link to laybabylay. It's one of my new favorites@