Thursday, July 28, 2011

A,B,C Wall Art

Originally, I was thinking about adding a fabric pendant flag to Charm's room.  I've been having a hard time finding fabrics that I like for his room, however, so I settled on using a set of alphabet flashcards hung as wall art instead.  Here are a few inspiration images:

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Source Unknown

While I considered using a free printable alphabet flash card set, I had a hard time finding a set that was gender neutral enough for my liking.  As in, I don't want 'B' to stand for 'ballerina' in Charm's room:).  Here are my supplies:

I chose the vintage-like Alphabet Animals Flash Cards by Lisa DeJohn.  

I purchased them through and actually purchased three different sets of flash cards to get free shipping with the idea I would return the two unused sets to our local Borders (which didn't stock these cards in store).  I ruled one of the sets out and then was debating between the more modern Alphabeasties set and the more vintage set above.  I made my decision and unwrapped the plastic on the vintage-like set.  I started to hang the cards and then my helper, Charm, decided to open the Alphabeasties set and start going through the cards.  I caught him mid-act, but figured...ah well.  I can use one set for its intended purpose and the other set as wall art.

I marked out four even spaces on our wall using post it notes, and then hung up 3M adhesive wall hooks to tie my twine onto.

I used clothespins that I had on hand already to attached the cards to the twine.

Instant Art!  

Total Cost: $14.47 ($10.47 for the cards and $4 for the 3M hooks)
Total Room Cost: $101.87

And in a completely unrelated note, the semi-annual Target toy clearance started yesterday in my town.  I'm so ready for birthdays and Christmas for the kiddos now.  Maybe I need to start a Twitter account so I can tweet these updates when I'm in the store.  Target toy clearance toys don't typically last long, although many Target stores won't mark them to 75% off until today or tomorrow even. 

Another random side note/question: Why don't you twit from a Twitter account?  It would make more sense to tweet from a Tweeter account or twit from a Twitter account.  Technological English is so complicated.  Tweet out.

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  1. What a cute idea!! I'll have to check out the Alphabeasties set with Charm! It sounds like something his daddy would have done. :)

  2. Yeah, he better learn his alphabet really soon now that he's surrounded by flash cards!