Friday, July 22, 2011

Check Out My Eight Pointer, Dad!

His name is Duke, and I didn't find him in the woods.  I found him on Ebay.  Oh, and if you couldn't tell, he's plastic, and I'm ecstatic.  After researching many fake deer head options in this post, he was the most economical, and I think he even has a smile on his face. 

I've got just the place in mind for him at our home.  Actually, I can think of about 10 different places I could put him, but I know where he's going to start his new life in our sunshine home.  Feel free to guess where that might be.  If you are the first to guess right, you can have middle naming privileges. 

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Guess one: charms room
    Guess two: your bedroom
    Guess three: kitchen

  2. LOL: Kitchen! If only our ceilings were taller, I'd hang him over our pantry door.

  3. I am loving your blog. Can't wait for tall person to see your buck! I think in Charm's room or office.