Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February Colors of the Month: Mostly Pink with Red, Green and Blue too!

We celebrated Valentine's with our friends a little bit late this year due to winter cold bugs (Come on Spring...get here already!), so my color of the month post is coming a bit late as well since I wanted to incorporate images from our Valentine's Party preparations too!

(Ironically, we'll be hosting a Halloween party on Saturday.  We had planned to hold a make up Halloween party in January after the holidays, but then something came up, so it got pushed back further to this weekend.  Seriously, who holds a Valentine's party and a Halloween party in the same week?  We do.  That's right.  I can't wait to get more use out of our costumes!)

Here's how our great room is looking for one last day:

The fabric 'love' canvas was originally posted about here.

My Christmas card display canvas got some more use!

Valentine's Day Party Crafts and Decor:
We used Fimo clay a la Oh Happy Day to create mini hearts.

And we attached some to our Valentine's.

We left some extras for bracelets and necklaces.

We also painted wooden craft hearts...

...and attached them to small wooden clothespins.

I added them to our boxwood wreath that is still holding strong on our front door from Christmas.

They were also attached to our branch tree now that the icicles have been taken down.

I also made a door hanger.  It came with the twine already attached, so I just painted it.  Easy Peasy Pie.

 Finally, we used some card stock that I cut into various sizes of hearts...

...and made some adjustments to our dining room light fixture:

 I just like this picture:

 A Valentine's Party wouldn't be fun without a few snacks and some sweet treats:

I cannot take credit for the beauty nor sugar content of these cupcakes.  That was all Lucky.  And Charm.

And with this post, I've completed a full year of 'Color of the Month' posts.  While it has been a fun challenge and good learning experience, I won't be continuing the tradition.  Instead, I'll be focusing on making more permanent decorating decisions for our great room.  Sure, we'll make some holiday changes, but the room won't be changed out every month.  I hope you have enjoyed the series!!  And don't worry, this isn't the last time you'll see our great room:)!