Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Winter Wonderland Sideboard

I posted yesterday about our dining room table tablescape, which included some images of our buffet table as well.  In decorating the buffet, I was inspired by this image that I came across on Pinterest:

So I crafted up my own version using sticks from my Forest Friend, icicle ornaments and pine cones I had on hand already, a glass vase that I picked up on clearance at Marshall's a while back for $5, and a $1.99 battery operated string of 10 lights:

My version could definitely use some more lights, but there are complexities in making this creation a reality that involve needing 2 size D batteries for 10 lights.  And then you have to find a way to cover up those batteries and the battery holder with pine cones in a way that you can still access the on/off switch.  One set of lights was tricky to work with.  Two sets would have been horrible.  I could have cut a hole in the bottom of the vase and used a corded set of lights, but cutting glass could be tricky too.  For now, I'm okay with only having a few exposed lights, I guess:).

I never intended to keep my gold frames up for this month, so I brain stormed a bit about what I could replace them with.  I decided I wanted to spell out a word using some of my West Elm mugs.  At first, I really wanted to spell out 'Santa' to go with my chalkboard, "He knows if you've been bad or good", but that would have required an extra 'A' mug.  I even looked to see if they were on sale again at West Elm, thinking it would be a cheat in our 'No Spend December' that would be worth it, but then I realized that I also don't have a 'T' mug.  There are only 5 letters that I don't currently own:  P, Q, T, V and F.  'Santa' was out of the running.  Then I thought about using the word 'Elf', but there's no F on my mug shelf.  Then 'Burt', the name of our 'Elf on a Shelf', but again there was no 'T'.  Then I decided to use the word, 'Snow'.  When I went looking for the 'O', I remembered that although I ordered an 'O' mug last month, it's currently on backorder.  The drama, I'm telling you.  Here's what I did for a day:


Then I remembered I had this Owl candle that I picked up for $1 at Home Goods last month.

I put him on a log perch and covered him with a dome (picked up for $1 at St. Vincent's in Northern Wisconsin in October).

We're big into asking the question, 'What letter does _____ start with?' in our house, so this totally works for us!

I switched up the writing on our chalk board to match 'Snow'.

I put a few candlesticks up, and Wa-La!  
Below the buffet is a faux sheepskin rug from IKEA with some stick balls on it.  We make snowmen with the stick balls.  It's fun.

The End. 


  1. Just wondering do you have allot of nail holes in your walls?

  2. We don't have a ton of nails holes, thanks to Bill. He's very protective of our walls. The baskets are pretty much all hung using 3M Command Hooks. I need to be very sure of a lasting location for a wall hanging before we pierce the drywall. :)

  3. Very cute idea with the coffee mugs...think I'll do that myself with some plain white mugs and a Cricut.

  4. Pam-White mug + Cricut is a great idea too! Thanks for stopping by.