Thursday, December 1, 2011

Goals for December

A whole new month means a new set of goals to accomplish.  I've never posted about goals for a month prior to this post, mostly because I've never thought about it that much.  Usually the projects we complete in a given month are just the ones we get motivated enough to accomplish at that time.  This month is a little different because I think I have New Year's Resolutions on the mind.  I'm just sort of thinking...why wait another month?  So here goes:

1. Exercise More.  Seriously, this goal is probably one that most people have.  Bill and I are not unhealthy people, but we definitely could stand to benefit from some of the stress reducing and toning benefits that exercise has to offer.  And we really have the space and equipment to accomplish this goal right in our own home:

It just needs to be...umm...organized a bit:).  Which leads us to goal #2.

2. Start a serious whole house organization mission.  Certain parts of our home, like our pantry and Lucky's closet are extremely organized.  Lots of other places like our master bathroom and closet and our kitchen cabinets and our exercise room are not.  I'd like to focus on one or two areas every month so that we eliminate things we aren't using and streamline the use of things we still need.  December's focus will be our exercise room and our master closet (if there's time:)):

Our master closet shelving is nice, but that's about it.  It needs a good clothes purging session!

3. Charm's Room.  We started this room several months ago, and then we got distracted by other projects, and I was in a complete holding pattern until I could decide on fabrics for his room.  Well, we have made some significant progress in his room, and all of the major design decisions have been made.  I've just got a little sewing to do (and by little, I mean a lot) which leads me to goal #4.

4.  Start sewing again.  I spent the summer and fall focusing on outdoor and painting projects knowing that sewing would be a good task for the cold winter months.  Winter is here.  It's time to start sewing again.

5.  This goal is a 'biggie'.  We are going for a 'no spend' month of December.  That's right.  We're going to try to keep our spending to only the necessities for the month.  It's not because we have to...although we did make some major purchases last month including a basement sectional, new basement window treatments, and a few other Black Friday basement purchases that I have yet to post about.  Our checking account could stand a rest already:).  We're mostly putting our spending on hold because our Christmas shopping is complete (yes!) and we have the materials we need to complete many projects we have planned already...why not get caught up on things at a time when the stores are crazy busy?  I'm actually relieved that I won't be fighting the crowds and chasing down bargains this month.  Instead, I'll be at home sewing and organizing:).  The only time I'm nervous about caving is after December 25th when Christmas decor goes on clearance.  I'm going to need to chant...'Stay Strong.  You can do it.'...for the week between Christmas and New Years.  And if I get particularly needy for some retail therapy, I do have these to fall back on:

Gift Cards, Merchandise Credits and a Pier 1 Rewards Voucher
Thank Goodness for Thanksmas!
 (We combined Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations for my family this year:))

I plan to be completely transparent on this topic, so if I do suffer a post-Christmas shopping breakdown, I'll let you all know.

6.  This last goal is the biggest one yet.  My kids are 4 and 2.  They are great ages for celebrating Christmas in all of its wonder and joy.  I want this Christmas to be completely magical for them.  When I originally came up with the 'No Spend December' idea, I considered stockpiling some Christmas gear for projects this month to make our magical Christmas a reality, but that's kind of cheating.  Also, I didn't plan that far ahead.  (And if you look at the exercise room picture above, I have several red and green rubbermaids full of 'Christmas Decor', so I really should be alright:).

Wish me luck this month!  Does anyone else make monthly goals?  Am I crazy for doing it or crazy for waiting so long?

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