Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Our Christmas in Pictures!

St. Nick visited our house in early December:

Gingerbread house decorating:

Gingerbread cookie decorating:

Getting ready for Christmas party time at Aunt Rhonda and Uncle Jeremy's!

Cookie decorating with friends:

We continued our Christmas Countdown #2 throughout the month, and had such a fun time baking cookies, wrapping presents, having a pj dance party or two, going for a winter stroll and going for a Christmas light drive. Precious memories!

Our Housing Development hosted Santa Claus and two of his reindeer a few days before Christmas.
This Santa Claus was the real deal.  Unfortunately, our children would not get any closer than this picture shows.  They smiled and waved a bit though:).

And they got to pet Donner and Blitzen who were outside giving sleigh rides!

We had lots of fun with Burt this year as well
Here he is hiding under Bill's dollar store head massager.

Charm received his briefcase filled with books, notebooks, crayons and learning activities!!

Bill received a head massager from Lucky...

and this Christmas 'beer'.

My sister's cat left me a surprise at my bedroom door.  Nala and I will never forget the few months we lived together.  :)

 Charm received a 'Woody' costume.  This Christmas turned into a very 'Toy Story Christmas'.

I just love this picture.  I want to blow it up and use it as wallpaper in his room:).

Hanging out in their new chairs.

Lucky received a big box full of books, learning activities and a 2011 planner calendar...so she can mark down her important play dates:)!

Here's another costume for the Lucky girl.

Charm and I enjoyed the snow white cotton candy that he gave to Bill.  Bill also received a tube of 'growing snow' and spray snow from Charm.  

So Yummy!

I caught this picture at an off moment, but Lucky was ecstatic about her new Leapster game from Grandma Betsy!!

Charm LOVES his new bike from Grandma Betsy.

Christmas Eve:

Frosting a birthday cake for Baby Jesus.

You are not fooling anyone, Charm.  I see what you're doing!

A cake fit for a King!!

Getting ready for Christmas Eve Mass:

Getting a plate ready for Santa and the reindeer:

 Christmas Eve prayers by the tree:

Setting out the treats:

'S' mug for Santa!

 Christmas Day!

Lucky got her flower and drum.

Charm received Toy Story characters!

 It took us the entire morning to get through gift opening because we weren't in a rush.  We had jam sessions:

And played with new games:

And we went on indoor bike rides, and then we discovered it was really nice outside, so we ran around in our  pj's for a few minutes soaking in the sun.  (I think it was almost 50 degrees out, which is crazy for Christmas in Minnesota!)

We are continuing to enjoy our time with Daddy at home this week!  It is such a treat!!  We hope you had a blessed Christmas weekend!  


  1. I love the picture of Charm in his Woody costume by the tree. I love all of the pics. The cat pic brought tears to my eyes. :) The baby Jesus cake looks just ... delicious! Looks like you had a wonderful and Merry Christmas!

  2. Looks like you had a great Christmas. Wish we could have been there for the cookie decorating. (insert sad face here)

  3. What wonderful pictures!