Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Antiquing in Hopkins

I ran an errand last week that took me to Hopkins.  I stopped by an antique store or two and found some really neat things!  Here's a run down:

I loved this pedal tractor for $90 (on sale!).  I just pictured Charm on it riding around Opa's Garden up north!

This small leather briefcase for $14 was in pristine condition inside.  I've actually been looking for something like this for Charm.  He likes to carry his 'important papers' around the house.  Maybe he'll be a lawyer someday or an accountant or someone that carries around papers and sorts them often.  This suitcase came home with me and will probably be a Christmas present for Charm.

I loved this old fan for $19.

Beautiful bronze horse head for $32.  I loved this!

Apparently I was on a horse kick.  This reminded me of something my Aunt Ann would like.  It was $95, I believe.

Here's an interesting birdcage.  It was $23.

Yup.  Another horse.  Imagine that he's not wearing a hat.  I took the hat off to view it, and it was amazing.  $55, but it didn't say 'FIRM'.  Hmmm, I wonder how low they would have gone on the price.  

I wish I would have gotten this.  It was from 1974 and was in excellent condition for $15.  The price seemed high to me for a used book that wasn't too terribly old, but when I got home to check out Amazon, $15 was a very, very fair price.  Shoot.  Bill, I'm sorry this isn't one of your birthday presents this year:).

Skeleton key ring, $28

This credenza/buffet/dresser was part of a 4 piece set.  I could see it being amazing if it was painted in a bright red color.  It was, however, priced at over $4000 for the 4 piece set.  Whoa.

I liked this bottle and crate set, especially the bright green color.  It wasn't priced that I could see.

This piece of art was a part of a 5 image set for $125.  I loved the green frames and the vintage art.  

That was it.  I heart antique stores.

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