Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Home Decor Books

I wrote this post awhile back about how I like to decorate using cheapo Goodwill books with colorful bindings.  I also love decorating with and browsing through actual home decor books.  My collection thus far includes a couple Pottery Barn books that were gifted to me by my very thoughtful mother:

Recently, I stopped by my local Borders bookstore that will be only be open for about a week longer and came across this book:

It was priced at $16, down 60% from its list price of $39.99, and although it wasn't a smoking hot deal, I decided to pop for it as a sort of reward for surviving 10 hours in the car with 2 toddlers keeping me company:).  After I got home, I found the same new book on Amazon for $15.69 (plus $3.99) shipping.  I guess that's why Borders is going out of business, huh?  Anyway, I really like the book.  It breaks down home design into several nice chapters, including my favorite chapter called 'Decor Recipes', which are commonly used decor themes for rooms.  Examples include architectural, camp, comfortable, eclectic, handcrafted, historical and retro.  Here are a few peeks inside the book:

Images Above from The Joy of Home by Naomi Cleaver

While on Amazon, I started looking for other home decor books and stumbled upon this one:

It's written by Danielle Proud and is apparently all about re-purposing old things in a home.  Sounds like a book that was written for me:).  It's hard covered and was published in 2007 (not too old:)).  Guess how much you can buy it for brand new on Amazon?  Answer: $0.01.  That's right.  A single penny.  Shipping will set you back $3.99, but for $4, this one's heading my way.  

Has anyone come across any good home decor books lately?  Any source for good and cheap ones besides Amazon?  Does Half Price Books have a good home decor section?  

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