Monday, September 12, 2011

Consider the Garage Shelved

I'm going to let the pictures do most of the talking.  Here's the before shot:

 After some measuring:

 And frame building:

 The ceiling support was placed:

 The frames were placed:

The shelf boards were brought in:

 Shelves were placed:

And if we decided to end there, it would have been a one day job.  Instead, we decided to paint the shelves.  We struggled a bit deciding what color to use.  We tried out several different options we had on hand already including white and off-white, but we ended up using the same color we have on the walls and ceiling of the garage, because the paint covered better than the white options.

We actually ended up purchasing a gallon of the paint from Sherwin Williams earlier in the day because we wanted to touch up a few nicks in the drywall in the garage while the shelves were all cleared out.  We had actually found the dried up remains of a gallon of paint that was labeled 'garage walls and ceiling' in our basement so it was easy to get the same color mixed up.  Bill and Lucky went to the paint store to get a small sample jar because we didn't need much for the wall touch ups, but they were quickly told that the smallest size that could be made in that specific paint was a gallon that cost $40.  Big bummer.  Lucky must have smiled at the paint guy or something, because he ended up giving them a discount and the paint rang up at $14!  Much better.  Because we had an entire gallon of beige paint at that point, we gave the beige wall color a try on the wood shelves and it covered beautifully!  We didn't need to prime, because the paint covered so well.  Additionally, we didn't have to worry about taping off the ceiling and walls because the color was all the same.  No priming + no taping = a much faster paint job.

While I painted the shelves, Lucky painted another bird house:

 And here's the finished product (ignore the garage mess...we'll be organizing that soon):

No we have to get all this stuff to fit on the shelves!!

Huge thanks to Bill and Grandpa for all the construction work!


  1. The shelves are just beautiful--nice paint job, Beth!!

  2. Wow. That is awesome. I love the pics of Charm helping to carry the wood into the garage. Too sweet. I am also impressed w the shelves. And that you painted them. I am in the process of trying to organize my garage - I've drawn graphs and charts, and I STILL don't have it all sorted out!! Great job.