Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Day that Duke Died

I absolutely loved my Duke Deer for one week and 3 days (5 days of which I spent at the hospital with Lucky). On Saturday night, a loud boom resulted in this:

How sad and scary is this? 

The bracket holding the deer to the wall broke off the deer and remained on the screw we placed in the wall.  I think this guy was a truly defective deer destined for a life of dump-dom.  Sorry, Duke.  He is now in a million tiny pieces that I will not be adhering together.  His antlers did fall down in 3 pieces (1 of them is entirely intact), so I'll be hanging on to those.

I was in the room when he fell, and after my heart rate dropped back to normal...I realized that I wasn't that upset.  A little bummed, but not devastated.  Maybe it's because I have a spare deer to work with, or maybe Duke falling was the crappy exclamation point on an otherwise crappy week.  Or more likely, maybe I didn't get too upset because it's just a silly fake deer (that I loved like a real deer:), but a deer nonetheless).  After going through something so traumatic, your perspective really does change.  So maybe Duke the Second won't be a Duchess (and bright pink) after all.  Ah well.  Duke the Second has a nice ring to it, right?:)

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