Monday, September 26, 2011

A Perfect Fall Day!

After our Blues Clues Scavenger Hunt/Acorn Making in the morning on Saturday, we worked a bit in our garage filling our new shelves:

And then we headed to an apple orchard for some apple picking fun.

Tractor Time! 

We happened to be there when a hot air balloon was being inflated:
Lucky announced that she would like a hot air balloon ride for her birthday.  She actually said that she'd like a hot air balloon ride AND a dentist kit (She has a doctor kit that she can't put down since being home from the hospital, and she happened to go to the dentist on Friday.  She realized she didn't have a dentist kit, and she would really like one.)

I heart this picture.  I think he was worried about the caramel stuck to his teeth:)!  Speaking of dentist...we brushed thoroughly when we got home!

We also picked a 1/4 peck of apples from trees but my camera battery died (I need to carry around a spare!)  after I took 1 million hot air balloon pictures so I didn't get any apple picking images.  Next year!  It was such a pretty day.  The crisp fall air is simply the best!

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  1. These are the best pictures ever! I wonder if Lucky and Charm's daddy remembers the Hot Air Balloons at his Grandma's house?