Thursday, September 8, 2011

URGENT: Zucchini Recipe Request

Today, I have one question for you.  What do you do with a zucchini this big?

It's HUGE!!  My Pa grew it in his garden this year.

I actually don't think the picture above does the size of this whopper zucchini justice.  Here are a few more pictures for further perspective.

Just off the turnip zucchini truck.

Straight to the tub with you.

Diaper Time!

Bedtime Show Time!

Bedtime Hugs.

 More Hugs.

Beauty Sleep Time.

Up Early in the Morning.

Off to Veggie School!

Hard at work!

Night Time Unwind.

We need to eat this thing already, otherwise the kids will end up naming it, and we won't be able to eat it.  

Besides coming up with 100 zucchini recipes this weekend, we'll be tackling this mess of a garage.  Winter is coming and we need to be able to get our cars in here...somehow:).  Have a great weekend!!


  1. Lol. You guys had too much fun with that post! Make bread! Lots of it, freeze it for thanksmus.

  2. It looks like it needs zucchini friends. We could send some!

  3. Please no more zucchini's, Oma. Our house is currently at capacity. I made bread all day yesterday and it's very yummy!