Friday, September 16, 2011

Duke is Finally on Display!

Remember this post from July, when I wrote about my eight pointer:

My Duke arrived shortly after that post, but he arrived damaged, with several cracks around one ear and a crack along its neck and side .  There were chips of resin missing from the deer.  I was sad.  I contacted the seller about the damaged deer, and I was shipped a brand new Duke in short order.  The new Duke arrived in perfect condition.  Oh Happy Day!  

The seller told me that he didn't need/want my damaged Duke back, so I decided to try to fix him. 

Here was the crack on his neck:
See the big hole?

There was another hole on the side of his head, and then this huge crack by his ear: 

I used an epoxy adhesive to fill the cracks and holes:
He's healed!

And then I grabbed a can of Krylon Dual spray paint in glossy white:

And here's the finished product:

If you look closely, you can see where the adhesive was placed, but I still think he's definitely worth keeping!!

And here are a couple pictures from further out in the room:

He's hanging above the tv and dresser in our master bedroom.  (Kiki, your second guess was get to give Duke a middle name!)  I think he's amazing!!  And since I have 2 usable deer now, his cost dropped in half to $20 plus $4 in spray paint = $24 total.  So much cheaper than the other options I posted about here!  

I should also note that this project was 100% inspired by this image created by the very talented Bower Family:

Bower Power

Now, since I have a second deer, I need to decide where it will be hung.  I'm thinking of making the other one bright pink and naming her Duchess.  She could go in Lucky's room or the basement...or on my single precisely placed nail in the sun porch:).  The options are endless:)! 

Have a good weekend, and if you're local you might want to check out the Junk Bonanza in Shakopee, MN this weekend.  I went yesterday and will write a post about my experience next week.  Also, Target marked down a good chunk of home bedding, bath and rug merchandise yesterday to 75% off.  I picked up a few things (including the new comforter set we talked about for you Mom...$25 for a king sized set!) that I'll post about next week.  I missed out on this rug:
5' x 7' on clearance for $50!!
I actually saw a woman pick up the last one and put it in her cart.  I had been stalking this rug for weeks and was just a few minutes late.  B U M M E R!  Win some.  Lose some.

Have a lovely fall weekend!

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  1. I love how the deer looks painted white! Or any solid color.

    Now you got the song in my head "Duke, Duke, Duke, Duke or Earl, Earl, Earl...."