Friday, September 2, 2011

Clipboard Clip Source

Even though I'm in the middle of about 6 projects, I found something new to obsess over:

Pottery Barn Kids

It's an enormous clipboard, and I love the idea of displaying artwork and family photos on it.  I don't need the fancy paper roll feature that the Pottery Barn version includes, nor do I need one as big as this one (40"H x 30"W).  Also, it costs $164, and it would be easy to DIY with a cheap piece of hardboard covered with chalkboard paint.  The one thing I need to find is a huge scale clipboard clip.  Standard clips are 6" wide, and I'd want to make my board 30" x 20", so I'd like to use a bigger than standard size clip.

I found this standard clip on Amazon:
$0.79 each and free shipping

I have been unable to find anything bigger.  (And you can't beat the price on this 6 inch version!)  Is anyone aware of a humongous clipboard clip source?

I hope everyone has a wonderful long weekend!  We'll be busy playing, swimming and eating smores as we give summer one last hurrah!


  1. Look for promotional chip or bag clips. They come in 8 inch versions.

  2. That's a good idea...I'm going to check it out and see if they make any 10 or 12 inchers...I should probably check Sam's Club because some of those chip bags could use humongous bag clips!

  3. Did you ever find any? I am looking for the same thing!

    1. I never did:(. I ended up just purchasing the clips I linked to and made the clipboards that you can see here:

      Good luck with your hunt:)!!