Thursday, September 15, 2011

Missoni Madness

Perhaps you heard about Missoni's collaboration with Target that hit the stores on Tuesday, the 13th?  I thought some of the items in the collection were fun, especially this bike:

Originally $399, but it's sold out online from Target.  You can buy it online through Ebay for 2-3 times the original cost, though:)!  

I also loved this suitcase set:

Large suitcase $129.99 originally, now much higher on Ebay.

And finally, this ottoman which is still available online via Target for $99.99:

Most of these pieces sold out fast and the traffic to crashed the website for a good chunk of the day on Tuesday.  I've also read blog posts about individuals who filled several shopping carts with this merchandise with the intention of selling items on Ebay.  If you search Missoni for Target on Ebay, you'll see that there are a few listings right now:).  Craziness, I'm telling you!

I checked out the collection myself yesterday, and there was still inventory on some of the pieces at my local Target.  My favorites were the clothing pieces for little girls, but I'm used to paying Target clearance prices for clothing, so a $30 dress for Lucky did not hop into my cart.  I also liked the floral vases, but the quality wasn't in the paint was chipped and smeared on several pieces.  

Here is what I did pick up:

2 Milk Crates for $9.99 each
1 Make Up Bag for $24.99

I'm still trying to decide whether or not I'll be keeping both milk crate containers or not.  The blue and green one is a keeper, but even though the coral/brown/yellow/blue chevron fabric has taken the nation by storm, I'm not sure I love it for the home.  I love it on the bike and the luggage, but I'm not sure if I love it on anything else.  The color combination is just weird to me.  Am I crazy?

I picked up the toiletry bag because I actually needed a new travel bag.  The tag says $29.99, but the shelf said $24.99 and it rang up the lower price.  I took it as a sign, especially after I looked at the prices of similar sized non-Missoni toiletry bags at Target and found them priced between 20-30 buckaroos.

I think I got caught up in the hype a bit.  I think I'm not alone.  I'd be willing to bet that there will be more than a few returns going on in the near future throughout the country...and you never know when a random Missoni piece will end up on a clearance endcap:).

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  1. I say we keep all of the milk crates. They are nifty looking. Plus they look like a good size to hold my tools in the garage.

    That's why you got them right:)