Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Card Display

I was inspired by this card display that I stumbled upon online:

(The Hen seriously hot glued tiny pieces of cinnamon sticks around the entire edge of an old picture frame.  That's patience!)

I loved the look, but I didn't have an unused frame that was large enough to replicate the look with a frame, so I pulled out another canvas (that I had different plans for originally) that I had on hand already.  I used it in April for mantle art with some ribbon wrapped around it:

And I used it again on the mantle in August:

I figured the blank canvas would be the perfect backdrop for some bright and cheery Christmas cards.  I added twine ropes for card hanging using a staple gun:

I decided on three rows spaced about 7 inches apart. 

 I modge podged and glittered some clothespins using scrapbook paper (and glitter):

I like to keep our old Christmas cards in stacks wrapped in twine.  It is fun to look back at the pictures from years past.  I just pulled a few of our favorites from years past to give our new card holder a try.

I just love it!  I may have to keep my eyes out for a larger frame for next year, so I can have an even bigger Christmas card display!

And it was another no cost project because we had the twine, scrapbook paper (originally meant for our dollhouse project...I'll post an update on that soon), clothespins and canvas on hand already!  

Does anyone else have a creative Christmas Card holder idea?  Have you sent your cards out yet?  

Have a wonderful weekend!  We've got a few things on the docket in Charm's room this weekend, and I can't wait to share next week!


  1. I'm still thinking. I would like to do a year round display by cutting off the Christmas greeting. We'll have to see. I have not sent out my cards yet but I am close!

  2. What a beautiful display--I've always thought that Christmas cards were so beautiful. I remember my parents would tape them around our door frames.

  3. I love your version - and lot easier on the glue gun! Thanks for the linky love, I'm your newest follower!