Thursday, April 7, 2011

April is Making Me Blue

When it came time to choosing a color to focus on for the month of April, the decision was easy.  Not only do 'April Showers' bring the color blue to mind, but blue also happens to be one of my favorite colors and was my original color choice used to accent the family room when we moved into our home early last summer, so I had a couple blue things stored away on a closet shelf, waiting to reappear.  (That was the longest sentence ever.  Look at this post for pictures of the green accents I used in March.) 

I also took this opportunity to put my birds on display.  I have a thing for birds.  My Mom has the same thing, so I think maybe it's genetic?  I don't know, but birds remind me of spring, the snow is finally out of my yard, and I got to spray paint for the first time this year yesterday, so I'm happy.

Here is our family room today:

Close Up Time:
These birds and ginger vase were accents I picked up last summer.

Wilbur got moved already.  He's looking good on a cake plate now with a mirror behind him.

I picked up this silver twig/bird piece at Joann's on clearance a couple months back and thought it might look nice in our master bedroom and be useful for holding jewelry.  For now, it's holding peat moss and some cardboard eggs that I picked up from Michael's after being inspired by this post from Katrina at At Home Alterations

The kids painted the eggs blue this weekend.

This shelf was a collection of things from around the house, including a silver bird in a cage.  The newspaper clippings are actually from my 'memory bins'.  My parents saved a lot of memories from my youth in rubbermaid containers that are now in my attic.  I wanted to put them to now high school sports news clippings are adding a touch of whimsy to my family room.  Thanks, Mom:)!

I was tired of having a picture of a birch tree as the centerpiece for our mantle, but because of the arch of the fireplace stone work, it's tricky to find artwork or mirrors to fill the space.  At least artwork or mirrors that I already own:).  Anyway, I picked up a canvas last week that I have future plans for.  In the meantime, I wrapped navy blue and white polka dot ribbon around the canvas and placed a recently spray painted blue 'S' in front of it.  The twig balls are sitting on candle holders.

I added a bookshelf and a mirror that I picked up last month.  The bookshelf was originally intended for Lucky's room, but the size was perfect for this little corner.  (This exact shelf sells for $89.99 at, but I paid only $23 at Goodwill for this brand new piece.  Our Goodwill store often sells brand new Target merchandise that has been cleared out of Target's system for one reason or another.)  The mirror was $6.99 at Goodwill. 

After going on a 'blue treasure hunt' with Lucky this past weekend, we came up with blue books and Charm's blue shoes to add to the bookshelf. 

We also found blue pillows for the couch and a blue blanket too. 

Now we're all ready for the blue rain to fall so the grass greens up and the flowers sprout around us!  I've never been more excited for spring!

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  1. Your "basket of blankets" is so cute--they look so cozy. I like the color combination!