Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Funny Life

In the past two days:
  • I laughed while eating a jelly bean and got the bean stuck in my sinus cavity.  It dissolved away after some mild burning and irritation.
  • I ventured out to Menards and Hancock Fabric with a big wad of mushed up banana in my hair courtesy of Charmbo.  I discovered it when I got home. 
  • I struggled to get the cap off a brand new can of spray paint.  When I finally snapped the cover off, the actuator actually snapped in half.  Perfect color.  Perfect project.  Saved for another day.  When I told Lucky what happened she said, "It's okay Mommy.  No big deal."
  • Charm discovered bras and snaps my strap every time I'm holding him.
  • It has become a routine every morning for Lucky to, in her own words, 'decorate' her bed.  She pulls the new coverlet up and plops a throw pillow on it.  It's messy and perfect at the same time.
  • Charm discovered 2 piece pajamas after I put a pair of Lucky's pajamas on him without thinking.  He loves them and isn't going back to sleeper onesies.  My baby is growing up!
Motherhood is so humbling and so rewarding.  Even the bad days are good.

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