Friday, April 22, 2011

The Winner is ......

Tami!  She was closest when she guessed that my purchases from last week Friday's power hour of shopping rang up to $22.35.

Her guess was actually more than double what I paid though.  I still owe you a real high five, neighbor Tami!

Here's the cost breakdown:
Bassett Mid Century Modern Dresser: $6.99
Children's Books x 3 = $0.15 each x 3 = $0.45
Mushrooms x 2 = $9.99 for large and $2.99 for small = $12.98 - $10 off Gordman's coupon = $2.98

Total for all purchases: $10.42

I can't wait for some warmer weather so we can get some paint/stain on that dresser!!

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